In brief

The Family Robert Weil Foundation was founded in 2014, when Swedish legislation for foundations changed, giving culture the same status as science and research. But ever since Proventus’s start in 1969, it has been a fundamental part of its identity to take an active role in society. The Family Robert Weil Foundation initiates and supports a variety of activities, in dance, drama and the fine arts as well projects that aim for and raise questions about developing a sustainable, equal and just society. But this interest has never been philanthropic, it comes from a personal conviction. This was manifested with Robert Weil’s role in the foundation of Magasin III Museum & Foundation for contemporary art 1987 and the Jewish Theatre in Stockholm 1997. All The Family Robert Weil Foundation’s activities are a demonstration of the commitment to looking beyond the short-term. None of the projects is about basic sponsorship in the financial sense. They are about learning, analyzing, participating and working towards a clear exchange of ideas by all parties and part of our continual search for creative innovation and inspiration.

The board of The Family Robert Weils Foundation consists of Daniel Sachs, CEO of Proventus, Pia Forsgren, Theatre manager and Artistic director of the Jewish Theatre, David Neuman, Director of Magasin III and Sandra Weil, curator. Robert Weil, owner and founder of Proventus AB is Chairman of the board and Lina Sjöquist, Secretary General of the foundation.