Proventus AB

Proventus AB is a family owned, privately held investment company that has been active in Nordic and other European capital markets for 50 years. It was founded in Stockholm in 1969 and is owned by Robert Weil.

Proventus has always been and will continue to be an independent and contrarian investor, active in parts of the capital market that are less developed. Why? Two reasons. Partly because these are the areas where you can find the most interesting investment opportunities, but also due to our deep interest in being involved in the development of capital markets so that they better serve the needs of companies.

Today, we primarily provide tailor made credit funding facilities to carefully selected European midsized companies. Through Proventus Capital Partners, we aim to be a powerful and meaningful source of development capital for midsize European companies. Our aim is simple. To help ensure that credible, functioning and profitable companies have access to the capital they require.

But this is just part of our story. For the last four decades, Proventus has pursued a deeper and more balanced definition of doing business. We are deeply involved in society through cultural institutions such as Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art and the Israeli Batsheva Dance Company.

Proventus also participates actively in several foundations that discuss questions concerning the development of a sustainable, equal and just society, including Berättarministeriet and Culture without Borders. At Proventus, business always comes first. But we also believe that a modern company must develop a rounded personality that embraces business, society, the arts and culture.

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