In Brief

Proventus Capital Partners invests in corporate credits by providing direct loans to midsized companies to fund organic expansion, acquisitions, address working capital needs, handle ownership changes or refinance. We also invest on a selective basis in the primary and secondary markets for high yield bonds. Our investments are conducted primarily in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe.

Proventus Capital Partners is managed by Proventus Capital Management, which possesses extensive experience derived from a variety of lending and investment practices. Proventus Capital Partners aims to be an active partner by providing meaningful sources of development capital for the companies in which we invest. Proventus AB is the largest investor into Proventus Capital Partners I and II and increased its commitements to Proventus Capital Partners III.

Proventus Capital  Partners has approximately EUR 2,500 million under management, which can be broken down as follows:

Structure I: EUR 216 million, fully invested in Q2 2011

Structure II: SEK 5,300 million, investment activity started in Q2 2011, 5 year investment period

Structure IIB: SEK 2,100 million, investment activity started in Q3 2012 (coinvestment structure)

Structure III: SEK 14,200 million, investment activity started in Q2 2014, 5 year investment period.

As a result of the financial crisis in 2008 and the deleveraging of the banking system in subsequent years, European midsized companies have less access to traditional bank financing. In the long term, this hinders midsized companies, who are themselves an important sector for generating employment and socioeconomic development. Many companies also face more immediate demands associated with refinancing or restructuring.

We believe that the deleveraging of the banking sector is set to continue and that there is a growing and long term need for corporate funding that is provided outside of the banking system. Our aim is simple – to ensure that credible, functioning and profitable midsized European companies have access to the capital they require so that they can change and grow.