Annual Report 2009

March 1, 2009

Proventus' annual report 2009, NUMBERS, contains the formal description of the development of the company. A number of supplements aim at providing a fuller picture of Proventus' interests and values: TALK is a series of conversations on issues that concern us as capitalists and citizens, WORDS, describes what we do, how we invest and how we view the world, and PICTURES contains art work by Mats Gustafson illustrating Proventus, our projects and activities over a quarter of a century.Last year's TALK, with the subtitle ”reflections on consumerism”, includes a documentation of several conversations between designers, architects, theorists and practitioners on the future of consumption. The discussion started as a physical meeting in London in January 2009 but then began to live its own life in the virtual world. Previous years' TALK contain conversations on democracy and the meaning of design.