In the field of renewable energy, PWP has worked closely with Proventus since 2006. PWP owns six wind farms, all developed in partnership with Sweden’s leading wind power developer O2. PWP is an equal partnership between Proventus, Foundation Asset Management and Folksam.

Four mid-size wind farms are located in Dalarna, central Sweden: Röbergsfjället (8 wind mills), Hedbodberget (5 wind mills) Säliträdberget (8 wind mills) and Granberg (5 wind mills). Another mid-size farm, Brahehus (5 wind mills), is located in Småland. The large scale wind farm Bliekevare (16 wind mills) is located in Västerbotten. Total annual production exceeds 250 GWh, making PWP one of the largest on-shore wind power producers in Sweden.