Proventus AB

Proventus AB is a family owned investment company that has been active in European capital markets for over 50 years. Proventus was founded in 1969 and is owned by Robert Weil and family. Proventus is since 2017 organised as a family office, focusing on long term asset management based on its own independent analysis. Proventus manages the assets of the Weil family and foundation as well acts as the custodian of the Proventus history as an active and independent investor deeply engaged in society.

Proventus has always been an independent and contrarian investor, active in parts of the capital market that are less developed. Partly because these are the areas where you can find the most interesting investment opportunities, but also due to our deep interest in being involved in the development of capital markets so that they better serve the needs of companies.

In terms of the investments we make, we combine these firm characteristics with a free, problem-solving and opportunistic approach to structuring and making investments. In a capital market dominated by institutional and heavily regulated capital Proventus uses its freedom and analytical as well as structuring experience to act in the white spots of the capital market. The actual investments range from listed instruments, looking for fundamental mis-pricings in capital markets, to special situations investing in private assets or companies.

Proventus has a positive and flexible attitude to co-investments and partnerships, which may include industry specialists, entrepreneurs, family offices and other industrial and relatively long-term financial investors. We thus encourage and welcome ideas and potential deal proposals by both principals and intermediaries in line with the strategy and criteria outlined above.


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