Acquisition of vendor loan note from Outokumpu

February 7, 2014

On 30th December 2013, funds managed by Proventus Capital Management AB, acquired a vendor loan note issued by Luvata Fabrication Oy from its previous owner Outokumpo Oyj for USD 157 million.

Luvata Fabrication, being part of the Luvata group, is a well-managed Finnish company and a world leading producer of specialized copper products with strong positions among its key customer segments, as the healthcare, utility and automotive sectors. Luvata is also very well positioned to take advantage of the growth prospects in Asia and South America over the coming years.

Luvata Fabrication has a strong financial position and Proventus Capital Partners intend to be a partner in the long perspective to the company and its owner, Nordic Capital, whom we regard as a long-term and industrially skilled owner.