The Jewish Theatre presents ABADAI – a comedy about loneliness, death and a little chick

September 28, 2009

ABADAI – a comedy about loneliness, death and a little chick.

Première Saturday 3 October

”The result of our encounter is a little bit like the meeting of a pulsating, warm, gaudy and emotional Tel Aviv and a strict, orderly, nice and doctored Falun.*”

This is how film and theatre director Maria Blom describes her collaboration with the actor Amikam Levy during rehearsals for the upcoming autumn production at the Jewish Theatre. Blom is returning to the Jewish Theatre eight years after Jonathan Metzger’s box office hit Men i framtiden då? (But How About The Future?). Since then she has staged numerous other successful productions. Thanks to her theatrical as well as cinematic successes, she has attracted quite some attention as one of the most prominent contemporary directors in Sweden. The script for ABADAI was written by Amikam Levy almost 15 years ago, and has been given new life at the Jewish Theatre thanks to Maria Blom’s direction.

Much has changed since ABADAI was first performed in a bar in Tel Aviv. ABADAI is a blend between theatrical performance and a self-revealing conversation. The audience is treated to a performance that hovers between grand comedy and matters most serious.

Amikam Levy, 54, resides in Tel Aviv where he works as an actor. He has already a very successful career behind him and is today also known as a host for a popular interior decorating program on Israeli television. Levy is full of life, intense and candid. When he takes to the stage at the Jewish Theatre, it’s to tell a very personal story. It’s at the same time complex and dynamic, where the expression of the performance can vary depending on the time, the audience and the mood. ABADAI touches on highly charged subject matters such as identity, sexuality, heritage and tradition, but not forgetting the ordinary everyday topics. The performance will be a journey into a very entertaining and most personal story.

*Editor’s Note: Falun is a small provincial town in Dalecarlia, Sweden where Maria currently lives.

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