Artek in Stockholm 2011 - new perspectives

February 2, 2011

Stockholm Furniture Fair 8-12 February; booth A10:30
Artek Store: Repslagargatan 11 (Södermalm)

Presenting Tapiovaara collection as part of the Artek portfolio

For the celebration of Artek’s 75th anniversary in 2010, the company acquired the rights to Ilmari Tapiovaara’s furniture collection. With the new portfolio strategy, Artek creates a broader concept for its collections. In Stockholm, Artek will present Ilmari Tapiovaara’s design classics both at the fair and more extensively at the Artek Store. The present collection includes: Domus chairs; Pirkka product family; Tale
stool; Mademoiselle chairs; Trienna, Domino, Tee-Tee and Ovalette tables. Together with Tapiovaara, Artek will present Aaltos’s iconic Stool 60/E60 with new colors; black, white, red, standard grey, brown, blue and yellow.

New production facilities
New ventures are also a challenge for production. In Janurary, Artek signed an agreement with Martela for the establishment of a new company which will focus on the manufacture and sourcing of the products marketed and sold by both companies. The joint venture, P.O. Korhonen, is part of Artek’s development strategy and will secure for Artek an efficient supply chain that will support its expanding distribution. Artek is also investing heavily in its own product development, and the new joint venture will in the future play a
key role also as a facilitator in that field. Artek also continues the cooperation with HKT Korhonen, its manufacturing partner of long standing. The new joint venture will provide all parties with greater potential synergies and shared areas for development.

Artek open archives -
The Stockholm Furniture Fair marks the launch of Artek’s new online concept, Artek Open Archives, an interactive image database showcasing past and present Artek interiors from around the world.
Artek has a rich and exceptional photo collection of interiors, exhibitions, installations and various projects from 1935 up to the present. Artek has now published these images online and accessible to everybody. The photos are tagged with interactive hotspots and linked to inspiring information regarding Artek’s legacy, products, venues and dates. The Open Archives will also serve as a platform for all friends of Artek to share their own Artek experience. They are invited to document Artek products at their home, office, and elsewhere, and to submit them to the
continuously evolving Artek Open Archives for further tagging and linking.

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