Artek 2nd Cycle at Comme des Garçons - Aoyama, Tokyo

November 25, 2007

Since the foundation of Artek in 1935, some 8 million Aalto stools have been sold worldwide. Artek recently started to collect old Aalto pieces of furniture from flea markets, schools, retirement homes and private people's garages. Artek wanted to give these classics a new lease life, an original opportunity to tell their story. They are called the 2nd Cycle.

Sustainable 2nd Cycle items are part of Artek's environmental strategy. By creating the 2nd Cycle, Artek wants to raise the discussion of conscious consuming, praise authentic design and honour the importance of originality. Solidly made and impervious to fashion, these iconic pieces of furniture have gained value and beauty through their everyday use.

A coded RFID tag embedded in each 2nd Cycle item records the furniture's history, stories, as well as information about its origins. The information can be accessed on the Artek website which has a link to the particular item's history, allowing also new owners to upload their own stories.

All 2nd Cycle pieces at Comme des Garçons Aoyama store will be available for purchase at prices based on age and history. To accompany the 2nd Cycle Collection, a selection of new products will be displayed: chairs in the scultpturous glossy black and Artek white. The contrast in the installation tells the story on past and future. Artek pieces of today are the 2nd Cycle of tomorrow.

The Exhibition will last for one month.

Proventus' engagement in Artek