Ohad Naharin's Kamuyot at Riksteatern, Sweden.

November 28, 2007

Proventus is a long-term supporter of the Batsheva Dance Company, one of the foremost contemporary dance companies in the world.

Riksteatern and Batsheva Dance Company have introduced Kamuyot in Sweden, a work for teenagers performed by teenagers.

Kamuyot, by Ohad Naharin
Première at Riksteatern on November 28, 2007

Sixteen young dancers were selected at an audition at Riksteatern during the summer 2007 and have performed Kamuyot in schools for approximately 25,000 teeangers around the country between November 2007 and May 2008. Public performances were also given during this tour.

- In this changing society, Kamuyot is a deeply relevant and meaningful project. Kamuyot can help inspire dialogue and expression in our first language – movement and dance – which is also a truly universal language unhindered by the barriers of words. A language that unites rather than separates us. Kamuyot is also about self-esteem and imagination. Kamuyot reduces us to our essence – here we are merely human beings and the common denominator is larger than we thought, says Daniel Sachs, CEO of Proventus and initiator of the project.

Inspired by Mamootot, Kamuyot explores the relationship between performers and audience, skilfully stretching the dimensions of time and space. The atmosphere is magical, suspenseful and intimate, where the elaborately costumed dancers present virtuosity, humour and generosity against a soundtrack ranging from eclectic Japanese pop and reggae to TV show themes.

In Kamuyot, the audience is part of the creative process and the boundaries between stage and auditorium fade out. The dancers are a part of the audience and the audience a part of the performance. Kamuyot is immediate, intimate and interactive. The audience will experience solo performances, the power in an ensemble consisting of sixteen dancers and the intimacy of a handshake. Kamuyot is meant for audiences that are not necessarily familiar with contemporary dance. Ohad Naharin offers the audience the opportunity to discover new perspectives within their own individual experience.

Ohad Naharin is the choreographer behind Kamuyot. Born in 1952, he has been the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company since 1990. He joined Batsheva as a dancer at the age of 22 and pursued his career in the US, collaborating with Martha Graham with whom he founded a company. He made his debut as choreographer in 1980 and his works have been performed by a number of companies and theatres around the world, among others the Cullberg Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater.

At the initiative of Daniel Sachs and with the support of Gertrude och Ivar Philipsons Stiftelse (Gertrude and Ivar Philipson's Foundation) and The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Riksteatern has toured the country during the fall 2007 and spring 2008. The tour is a collaboration between Riksteatern and Dansens Hus.

Image info:
Photographer - Anna Huerta

Proventus' engagement in the Batsheva Dance Company