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October 29, 2009

Johan Engström, head of BRIO's business unit Scanditoy with the well-known board game brand Alga, was interviewed by Emanuel Sidea in the Swedish weekly business magazine Veckans Affärer.

”BRIO's subsidiary is used to advance planning. Alga's games are developed 1-2 years prior to being available in the stores and Christmas sales to store takes place during February-May.

– We focus our sales and marketing efforts on a few new launches each year, and this year we strongly believe in the family game Goggle Eye. Board game launches take place during the autumn and represent along with our classical board games – such as Alfapet (Scrabble), Finans, Den Försvunna diamanten – approximately three quarters Alga's total annual turnover. We certainly compete with both computer games and other activities but board bring along a spirit of community which few other products can offer. People do wish to find pleasant ways of spending time together with family and friends, particularly during Christmas, but also on weekends and vacations.

– During the Christmas trading period our games are usually bought to be given as Christmas presents and the customer is looking for something that matches the personality of the receiver. Board games arebought for Christmas but they are used fairly evenly throughout the year with the exception of the period in the middle of the summer.”

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