Chirisa Investments

July 3, 2020

In July 2020, Proventus Capital Partners IV provided a seven-year EUR 125 million facility for Chirisa Investments, headquartered in Ireland. Chirisa is an investor in digital infrastructure, telecom and tech real estate platforms in Europe & the US.

Chirisa holds significant positions in 365 Data Centers and Digital Fortress with a combined 20 facilities across the US, the Irish telecom operators Viatel and Digiweb, as well as real estate in Clyde Real Estate and Dataplex. The financing provided by Proventus Capital Partners will be used to accelerate the growth of the business with an acquisition led strategy across existing and new platforms.

Proventus Capital Partners has worked together with Chirisa since 2014 when we provided capital to its portfolio company Digiweb. We appreciate Chirisa’s deep knowledge within the digital infrastructure and data communications sectors and are convinced of the solid long-term demand for these services.