Daniel Sachs member
of the ECFR

November 8, 2007

Proventus' CEO Daniel Sachs has become a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

– I hope that the ECFR will contribute to a strong, clear and united European voice in the world. This is becoming increasingly important, not least because of the return of capitalist-authoritarian great powers that are not likely to take responsibility for long-term global challenges such as climate change, and that will most probably continue to shrug commitments to human rights and democratic development, says Daniel Sachs.

The ECFR was launched in October 2007 to promote a more integrated European foreign policy in support of shared European interests and values. The ECFR is composed of 50 prominent Europeans who have signed the statement of principles and offered practical assistance to ECFR. Among the members are former prime ministers, presidents, European commissioners, current and former parliamentarians and ministers, public intellectuals, business leaders, activists and cultural figures from the EU member states and candidate countries.

Mark Leonard, Executive Director of the ECFR, says: "The European Council on Foreign Relations is the first ever pan-European think-tank. With a policy team in seven capitals – London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Sofia, Madrid and Warsaw – it unites some of our continent’s most distinguished researchers and analysts to promote Europe’s role in the world. The ECFR is based on a belief that, in a world order defined by great powers and even larger problems, European countries can either band together and develop common responses, or risk losing influence over their fates."

On November 7 the ECFR published “A Power Audit of EU-Russia Relations”. One of the conclusions of the first-ever “power audit” on bilateral EU-Russia relations, conducted with the participation of national experts from 27 EU member states, was that despite its economic strength and military might, the European Union has begun to behave as if it were subordinate to an increasingly assertive Russia. This dramatic change in the power relationship is rooted in the EU’s disunity and self-doubt – but both can be fixed.

Daniel Sachs and Proventus will host a seminar in Stockholm in February 2008 where the power audit will be discussed.

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