Djurgårdsbrunn opens
for the summer

June 1, 2007

Djurgårdsbrunns Värdshus, owned by Proventus and previously used as an alternative exhibition space by Magasin 3, is now hosting a new restaurant - Djurgårdsbrunn - operated by Bockholmsgruppen.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday from 11.30 till 01.00.
Address: Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 68 in Stockholm (opposite the Jewish Theatre)

Short history: In 2001, the Djurgårdsbrunn Inn was acquired by Art & Technology by Proventus. The site is located at the Djurgårdsbrunn Bridge, facing the canal connecting the city with the inner archipelago. The whole area forms part of a park, which, since 1995, constitutes the world's first National City Park.

Djurgårdsbrunn had its golden age in the first decades of the 19th century. From 1742 Djurgårdsbrunn had been a popular spa with a skittle alley and an inn, attracting a wide range of people for recreational and congregational purposes. Many artists, writers and poets were inspired by Djurgårdsbrunn, among others Bellman, with his song "Vila vid denna källa", Hjalmar Söderberg with his novel "Doktor Glas" and August Strindberg. The spa burnt down in 1887. A hundred years later, in 1987, the building of the old inn, also burnt down.