July 5, 2010

EcoOcean was founded in Israel in 2003. Proventus is the co-founder.

EcoOcean is an environmental organisation dedicated to marine research and education with the primary vision to create a healthy, non-polluted environment in the Eastern Mediterranean. Proventus is the co-founder of EcoOcean and is committed to its long-term financing needs, i.e. by running the research vessel Mediterranean Explorer.

The Eastern Mediterranean is surrounded by countries in conflict, and much of Israel's financial resources are diverted towards defence expenditures; there is thus not much government funding available for taking care of and protecting the environment, including the sea. There is, however, an increasing awareness in the Eastern Mediterranean region of the need to keep the sea healthy.

EcoOcean was founded in Israel in 2003 with the primary vision to help saving the Eastern Mediterranean from its ongoing deterioration. By supporting marine research and education EcoOcean contributes to a higher level of scientific knowledge as well as an increase in general awareness about the importance of caring about the sea. In addition, EcoOcean assists other environmental organisations (e.g. the Israeli NGOs Zalul and Adam, Teva v'Din), as well as governmental instances (e.g. the Israel Ministry for Environmental Protection), in creating a healthy, non-polluted, environment in the Eastern Mediterranean. For this purpose, the research vessel the R/V Mediterranean Explorer, has been made available for EcoOcean's activities. Other activities centre around marine ecological education at school level. One of EcoOcean's goals is that every school child around the Eastern Mediterranean should become aware of the importance of a healthy and pollution-free sea.

Proventus’ cultural/research activities are a demonstration of our commitment to looking beyond the short-term. To Proventus none of these projects is about philanthropy or sponsorship in the narrow financial sense. They are about learning and a clear exchange between both parties to the partnership, and a demonstration of our values and our continual search for creative innovation. 

Watch a piece on EcoOcean aired by CNN on 5 July 2010.