Eterna - manufacturer of shirts and blouses

October 19, 2018

In October 2018, Proventus Capital Partners Alpha acquired EUR 11.5 million of Eterna’s, a leading manufacturer of shirts and blouses, senior secured Schuldschein loan. The four-year Schuldschein loan was issued in 2017 to refinance existing debt.

Eterna is a Germany-based apparel brand active in the market for high-quality men’s shirts and woman’s blouses. The Company’s products are offered through an omni-channel approach combing wholesale partners with own physical stores and online stores. Eterna’s products are produced through in-house manufacturing facilities and the Company operates with a transparent and sustainability-focused value chain.

Proventus Capital Partners appreciates Eterna’s strong market position and brand focused on the more resilient non-fashion niche as well as its stable track record over the last years coupled with a fast-growing online business.