J.Lindeberg Autumn/Winter 2010 – The True North

February 10, 2010

The True North

Immaculately dressed in the midst of their adventures the early explorers of the highest mountains, remote landscapes and solitary wilderness inspired J.Lindeberg’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection where garments are elegant yet cut for functionality.

‘’It’s all about contrasts; in spirits, moods, colours and fabrics.
The urban speed of life versus the serenity and tranquillity of nature’’ says Artistic Director, Pierangelo D’Agostin.

The utility and function found in work wear has emerged and evolved through generations of the army, the navy, hunters and farmers. Heralding back to a time where clothes were long lasting and crafted with a mission for survival.

In a more civilised context, authentic garments have been shaped and further developed with technical fabric mixes and construction methods, yet still remaining true to their heritage. More formal in their silhouette, utility outerwear is reworked ready for the urban challenges faced in a modern world.

The deep and intense colours range from icy blue skies to purple black nights and the numerous shades of grey found in the horizon of Scandinavia during the winter form the palette.

J.Lindeberg continues their endeavour in redefining modern classics with a Scandinavian point of view, whilst respecting old traditions and combining them with the technical advancements of today.

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