"iloveyouihateyou" at Magasin 3

February 2, 2009

Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer
Gordon Matta-Clark, Terry Fox, Nancy Holt and
Robert Smithson


7 February - 24 May 2009
Curator: Richard Julin

The exhibition is based on an audiovisual work by Leah Singer and Lee Ranaldo. This work is an exploration of how image and sound interact, and will be staged both as a live performance and as an installation.

Leah Singer and Lee Ranaldo, "iloveyouihateyou", 2008,
video still, courtesy the artists

At Magasin 3 it will take both forms: the exhibition opens with a performance by Singer and Ranaldo and after that the work will be transformed into an exhibition. Their performance work and installations combine a flow of images and sounds taken from everyday situations, moments that reveal the beauty of the ordinary and turn the commonplace into something extraordinary.

Lee Ranaldo is a founding member of Sonic Youth, Leah Singer is an artist, with film as her primary medium.

The exhibition also features three historic experimental films on the theme of "everyday existence" and the capacity to see the greatness in small things. The films are by Gordon Matta-Clark, Terry Fox, Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson.

Gordon Matta-Clark, "City Slivers", 1976, Film still.
Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.