Santiago Sierra at
Magasin 3

February 12, 2009

Santiago Sierra

19 February – 7 June 2009
Curator: Elisabeth Millqvist

Since the 1990s, Santiago Sierra has worked to create socially critical actions. He has represented Spain at the Venice Biennale where he bricked up the entrance to the Spanish pavilion, he has worked with drug addicts and prostitutes, and has created an income index related to skin color. Sierra’s works leave no one unmoved.


DOOR PLATE, 59 x 69 x 2 cm, Edition Schellmann.
Munich, Germany. April 2006
Courtesy Lisson Gallery and Santiago Sierra

By means of formal works or staged events, he exposes and calls attention to social conditions. In these works, people become objects that can be painted, used, and organized according to different hierarchies. Often seen with their backs to the viewer, they become anonymous examples of how human dignity is an economic privilege. The artist uses the titles of the works to describe precisely what we are seeing and thereby invites us to look beyond the form or the action being performed.

89 Huicholes
San Andrés Jalisco. Jalisco, Mexico. January 2006
84 black and white photographs, 30 x 22,5cm, framed, edition 1/ 3
Courtesy Lisson Gallery and Santiago Sierra.
Collection Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall.

Santiago Sierra will focus on the location of Magasin 3 in the free port when creating two new works. Transport and trade, exemplified by the port area, are important subjects in his artistic practice and will be the focus of the exhibition.

Santiago Sierra was born in Spain in 1966. This exhibition is the first extensive presentation of the artist in Sweden.

22 February 2009
2 pm Guided tour of the exhibition by curator Elisabeth Millqvist

7 March 2009
7 pm
 Conversation between Lisa Rosendahl and Elisabeth Millqvist in the lobby of Magasin 3

An in-depth conversation about Santiago Sierra's work between Lisa Rosendahl, curator and director of the Baltic Art Center in Visby, and exhibition curator Elisabeth Millqvist.

18 March 2009
5-7 pm Lecture by Stellan Vinthagen in the lobby of Magasin 3 (exhibition open between 5-7 pm)

Lecture about resistance and the resistance's practical creativity by
Ph D Stellan Vinthagen, senior lecturer in sociology and activist in several resistance movements. Vinthagen is one of the founders of the global research network Reistance Studies ( and co-editor of the publication Motstånd (Liber, 2009).

8 May 2009
4 pm Lecture by Daniel McClean: Santiago Sierra's 'Death Counter', in the lobby of Magasin 3

Daniel McClean will focus on Santiago Sierra's project Death Counter, on view in London during 2009. He will consider how Sierra's project reflects upon different systems for producing value within the 21st century capitalist society. He will also examine the legal moment in this project and other projects by Sierra. Daniel McClean is a curator and lawyer specialising in art law, intellectual property law and medial law.

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