Proventus engagement in BRIO continues

September 2, 2011

Proventus continues to work actively with the turn-around of BRIO. The business is developing positively with increased sales of toys and baby carriages under the BRIO brand name.

The BRIO Metro railway set, the classic train in a contemporary underground environment, is one of the new launches this year and has won Toy of the Year Award in Sweden and Finland and has also been nominated in Germany.

We still have a number of challenges in the turnaround of BRIO, but we are heading forward in the restructuring and are seeing increased market shares in some markets and slightly improved financial performance compared to previous years. In June, the company was delisted from the stock exchange. Proventus now owns just over 99 per cent of BRIO’s shares and the compulsory purchase of the remaining shares is in progress.

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