Ravensburger buys BRIO

January 9, 2015

After over 10 years of ownership, Proventus on Thursday January 8 announced the sale of BRIO to Ravensburger. After coming in to a company in severe crisis in 2004, Proventus has actively driven the restructuring of BRIO which has included structural changes, reorganization of the business, marketing initiatives, cost savings and other efficiency measures as well as substantial investments in developing the product portfolio and revitalising the BRIO brand. It has been a long and complex restructuring due to the difficult departure point and also the major changes taking place in the toy market over these past 10-15 years. Today, we are extremely happy that we have been able to save and restructure BRIO into a fast growing and profitable company. In fact, more kids play with BRIO toys today than at any point in the company’s 130 year history.

We are also proud to leave BRIO in the able hands of Ravensburger. The two companies share a history of quality, educational and pedagogic toys and a strong sense of responsibility – BRIO since 1884 and Ravensburger since 1883. In addition to this shared history, the industry knowledge and experience of Ravensburger including deep production know-how and a global distribution platform will be an enormous benefit for BRIO in its continued growth and development.

The sale of BRIO also marks the end of a phase in the development of Proventus. Since the early 1980s, Proventus has carried out a large number of investments and restructurings as an active majority owner in companies in need of change, not least in consumer businesses with strong brand names such as Puma, Monark Stiga, TV4, Etonic, Kosta Boda and United Tiles. In all, this 30-year period has included close to 80 major investments and has been very successful – both in terms of contributing to saving and restructuring companies in crisis and in terms of generating superior returns for Proventus and its investors.

As we now continue to focus on our strategy of providing and investing in credit and acting as a strategic financial partner to mid-sized companies in Northern Europe, we build on this successful 30-year history of restructurings and managing complexity. Since 2002, we have carried out around 80 investments in this strategy through Proventus Capital Partners and are now, with over EUR 2 billion under management, one of the largest non-bank credit providers in Europe.

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