Moral Science Club and Abadai

December 9, 2009

Two of 2009's performances at The Jewish Theater, Moral Science Club and Abadai, have been nominated to the magazine Nummer's annual audience award for best performance 2009.

Moral Science Club

Idea, concept and performance by Hamadi Khemiri, Hannes Meidal and Jens Ohlin.

The performance centers on a brief, explosive encounter between the philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper and Bertrand Russell in 1946.

The play was performed at The Jewish Theatre 16-22 May, 2009 – in collaboration with the theatrical network Limbo.


Written and performed by Amikam Levy. Directed by Maria Blom.

The script for ABADAI was written by Amikam Levy almost 15 years ago, and was given new life at the Jewish Theatre thanks to Maria Blom’s direction.

When Amikam Levy takes the stage at the Jewish Theatre, it is to tell a very personal story. It is at the same time very complex and dynamic and touches on highly charged subject matters such as identity, sexuality, heritage and tradition, without forgetting the ordinary everyday topics.

ABADAI, was performed at the Jewish Theatre between 3 October and 14 November 2009.

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