Small Songs at The Jewish Theatre

April 14, 2010


The video exhibit Small Songs opens on 17 April featuring works by the Israeli artist Lee Yanor. Curator for the exhibition is Pia Forsgren

Small Songs is a three-part choreographed exhibition where three of Lee Yanor’s videos are being presented. The visitor passes through theVoid video installation, which has been developed in close collaboration with Pia Forsgren, then proceeds to the centre of the exhibition to the stage where Cloud 9 and Small Songs are being shown. The Pieces Void and Small Songs are both being shown for the first time.

Lee Yanor has a background in the world of dance and this runs through all her art like a thread. Movement, body and rhythm are re-occurring in her photographs and videos. When asked what inspires her she answers “the moment”. Using her camera, Yanor wants to portray situations that balance between documentary and fiction. The video installations are dreamlike and are constructed using multiple visual layers. Time and motion are important components in the creation of her art.

Small Songs combines the expressions of exhibits with video screenings. The focus being on Lee Yanor’s videos as well as her emulsions, holograms and experimental still lives – movement being the common denominator.

The idea for Small Songs emerged when Pia Forsgren met Lee Yanor nearly a year ago during a trip to Tel Aviv. Stemming from their conversations, the idea to create something other than the conventional using Yanor’s work was born. Pia Forsgren presented the idea of letting the space adapt to the art, which adds a theatrical touch to the exhibition. The Jewish Theatre has undergone a transformation during the past month. The audience is welcomed into an art experience where motion, sound and visuals are the focus.

In 2006, a great deal of attention was paid to Yanor's piece Coffee with Pina. The nearly hour-long film depicts a meeting between Yanor and the famous choreographer Pina Bausch who past away last year at the age of 69. Yanor was among the very few who were ever invited to Bausch’s studio, and the piece which was filmed between 2002 and 2005, is a unique and beautiful portrait of one of the dance world’s giants. The choreographer Pina Bausch has given dance a new language, far removed from classical ballet. To many the encounter with her art has been overwhelming.

The film Coffee with Pina will be shown at The Jewish Theatre between 13 – 28 May, 2010.

Small Songs between 17 April and 6 June, 2010
Opening hours:
Wednesday – Friday 14-20
Saturday – Sunday 12-17

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