Marguerite Duras at the Jewish Theatre

October 1, 2007

The Jewish Theatre opens this season with The Dogs of Prague, an adaptation of the novel “Abahn, Sabana, David” by Marguerite Duras. Interpretation: Katarina Frostenson, director: Pia Forsgren, participating actors: Niklas Ek, Agneta Ekmanner, Gorki Glaser Müller and Björn Granath.

The Dogs of Prague world première is on October 13 at the Jewish Theatre.

The Jewish Theatre will present "The Political Duras" through seminars, discussions and films; inviting both Swedish and French guests. The cast from The Dogs of Prague will give readings of texts by, and about, Marguerite Duras.

No 1: Saturday October 27, Abahn, Sabana, David & The Dogs of Prague
Theme: Duras 1968, the Political Commitment, Duras and the Jews.
Book release: Abahn, Sabana, David a Swedish translation.

No 2: Saturday November 10, Cahiers de Guerre & The War
Theme: Duras and WWII, The Resistance, The Communism.
Book release: The War a re-release of a Swedish translation.

No 3: Saturday-Sunday November 24-25, The Rapture of Lol V Stein & India Song
Theme: Duras and The Colonies, The Stranger, The Female Desire, The Language, The Film.
Book release: The Rapture of Lol V Stein a re-release of a Swedish translation.

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