The Junior Nelly Sachs Prize

December 1, 2010

In connection to the staged exhibition, Flight and Metamorphosis, Nelly Sachs, writer, Berlin/Stockholm, The Jewish Theatre has initiated an extensive integration and schools project in which thousands of secondary and upper secondary pupils with different backgrounds and nationalities will reflect upon language, identity and exile.

The Jewish Theatre has also arranged a poetry competition for young people aged 13 to 19 to stimulate and encourage young people's own writing, Lilla Nelly Sachs-priset. The jury includes Ida Andersen, poet and translator, Marie Augustsson, publisher, Johannes Anyuru, poet, Anna Bengtsson, publisher, and Larry Lempert, head of the International Library.

The Junior Nelly Sachs Prize was awarded for the first time to 17-year-old Greta Maria Asgeirsdottir for her poem Pirater (Pirates) at a ceremony at The Jewish Theatre exactly on the 44th anniversary of Nelly Sachs receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The winning contribution is published in the anti-racist magazine EXPO on Nobel Day, 10 December 2010. The winner will be rewarded with a weekend trip to Nelly Sach’s Berlin, and a unique, illustrated certificate created by the cartoonist and illustrator Clara Bessijelle Johansson.

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