Tom Dixon Road Show

January 21, 2011

Tom Dixon, in collaboration with laminate experts Formica Group, embark on the Road Show, a European tour of the new Industry collection. The Road Show follows the traditional notion of a traveling sales merchant, touring nine European cities over the period of one year.

On 8-12 February 2011 the Road Show will arrive at the Stockholm Furniture Fair (at Gulled, stand A 16:30).

New products traveling with the Road Show include VoidPegOffcut Bench and Jack.

First version prototypes are introduced on the Road Show. These include Step and Peg Coat Stand.

Key elements of the Road Show are constructed using Formica® Metallic laminates, made up of polished aluminum and polished gold aluminum finishes. Products from the brand new Formica® Collection form part of a bespoke modular shelving unit. These include Pumice, Seed, Crystal White and a Black ColorCore® edge.

See below for the full list of location dates for the Tom Dixon Road Show, launched at Milan Salone Del Mobile in April.

  • 1. Italy, Milan - Milan Furniture Fair: 14th - 19th April 2010
  • 2. Spain, Barcelona - En Linea: 26th May - 5th June 2010
  • 3. Portugal, Oporto - The Oporto Show: 17th - 20th June 2010
  • 4. Denmark, Copenhagen: 5th August - 10th Sept 2010
  • 5. UK, London - London Design Festival - Tom Dixon showroom: 21st - 27th Sept 2010
  • 6. Belgium, Kortrijk - Interieur 2010, 22nd International Biennale: 15th - 24th Oct 2010
  • 7. North Germany, Cologne - IMM Cologne: 19th Jan - 12th Feb 2011
  • 8. Stockholm, Sweden - Stockholm Furniture Fair 8th - 12th February 2011
  • 9. Austria, Vienna - H.O.M.E.Depot event: 22nd - 26th March 2011

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