Culture & Society

Amanah is a Jewish-Muslim joint project, built on the collaboration between Imam Salahuddin Barakat and the Rabbi Moshe David Ha-Cohen.

Amanah aim to build trust and faith, with the Imam and the Rabbi working togeather against discrimination and extremism. Amanah also want to bring a new angle of discussion regarding identity, intergration and religion to the society in large.

Amanah organizes meetings in schools in the Malmö region, where the Imam and the Rabbi goes and discusses differencies and liknesses between Judaism and Islam in classes. Amamah also organizes Beit Midrash/Madrasa eavenings - open learning sessions and comparisions of traditional texts.

The name Amanah has the same roots in Hebrew and Arabic. In Hebrew the word means trust; in Arabic, it indicates maintaining trust and faith.