Culture & Society

Proventus is a initiator and co-founder of Berättarministeriet, a non-profit organization with the mission to inspire children aged 8-18 in under-privileged areas to conquer the written word. Today the Robert Weil Family Foundation is one of the largest private contributors aiming for a long term relation.

The idea behind Berättarministeriet is the understanding that strong writing skills are fundamental for participation in a democratic and pluralistic society – and that when a child conquers the written word he or she is one step closer to conquering his or her place in society.

When you feel that the world around is genuinely interested in your thoughts, dreams, wishes and wants – your self-esteem grows and your identity and sense of self are strengthened. As a result, Berättarministeriet works with volunteers that every day take time out of their regular schedules to support, encourage and inspire children in their writing and listen to their stories.

Inspired by the American organization 826, founded by writer Dave Eggers, Berättarministeriet opened its first creative writing center in Södertälje in 2011. A second writing center opened in April 2013 in Järva, an area north of Stockholm. In 2015 a center opened in Hagsätra, south of Stockholm and in October 2017 Berättarministeriet opened in Gothenburg. More than 5000 children have already visited Berättarministeriet.

Berättarministeriet in 2 minutes