Emergency Grant in times of Covid-19

Culture & Society

The situation for our already embattled partners is worse than ever. The effects of confinement and economic collapse hits the weakest groups the hardest and the existence of people and families with no safety net are now at risk. The community of asylum seekers in Tel Aviv have lost the possibility to income and are locked up in their often under dimensioned and poor homes. The Robert Weil Family Foundation have decided to make a major donation to Tel Aviv Foundation that will be diveded to Mesila, Kuchinate African Refugee Women's Collective, Pesia's Kitchen and to The Mayor's Emergency Fund. The three NGO:s are all working directly with supporting the groups at risk; Mesila, Kuchinate African Refugee Women's Collective and Pesia’s Kitchen.

The Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Emergency Relief Fund significantly assists the Municipality in solving the needs of individuals, families and communities most urgently and extremely effected by the Coronavirus Outbreak: Holocaust Survivors and the Elderly, Asylum Seekers and Work Immigrants, High-Risk Populations (Welfare Families, the Homeless and Youth at Risk), The Jaffa Community (Specifically the Arab Community and Ethiopian Immigrants), Small Businesses, Women Suffering from Domestic Violence and Prostitution.

The city of Tel Aviv are matching our donation with the same sum divided equally.

These funds will go in their entirety for emergency aid to the communities these NGOs serve, such as food, medicine, personal hygiene, contraception, care products, toys, basic mobile phones, i-pads for children’s educational use, children's essential items, diapers, formula, medical insurance, blankets, gloves, masks, warm clothes, pre-paid SIM cards, blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses and safety equipment, as well as safe housing and relief from domestic abuse.

This emergency grant is part of the long term work and presence the Robert Weil Family Foundation have in Israel. All the projects and institutions we are involved with are in different ways supporting a democratic development. All are projects that aim for and raise questions about developing a sustainable, equal and just society.




Pesia's Kitchen