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Proventus’ mindset has provided the creative freedom to make new approaches to culture possible, and to allow audiences to experience challenging new work in ways that could not be done elsewhere. David Neuman first proposed a new model for a visual arts institution to Robert Weil 30 years ago. The plan was to operate as an arts laboratory, commissioning artists to create works specifically for the exhibitions. Neuman explains: 'For thirty years Magasin III has provided intellectual, curatorial and financial opportunities for visual artists from all over the world to create artworks that reach outside the conventional institutional parameters.'

Since 1987, Proventus has maintained Magasin III, this unique art institution located in a 1920's warehouse in Stockholm’s freeport under Neuman’s leadership. It's an unpretentious and robust industrial space that has hosted many of the world’s leading contemporary artists, from James Turrell, Mona Hatoum, Tony Oursler, Pipilotti Rist, Mika Rottenberg to Ai Weiwei. The exhibition program has shaped the collection which now includes nearly 1000 works, supported by a serious research and publishing program. The collection represents a genuine engagement of curators, artists and Proventus as a company offering artists a rare chance to undertake original research.

After thirteen years as exhibition curator at Magasin III, on July 1, 2017 Tessa Praun took on the role of museum director. Former director David Neuman now serves as chairman. The public program at Magasin III is closed between fall 2017 – fall 2019. During this time the museum examines alternative ways to engage with the visitors and takes the opportunity to revise and recast the role of Magasin III nationally and internationally. One part of the future Magasin III is the permanent satellite space Magasin III Jaffa in Israel inaugurated in January 2018, as well as our engagement with Accelerator at Stockholm University, to be opened in the fall of 2019.

The Robert Weil Family Foundation and Proventus see the Magasin III program as a chance to learn from the creativity of art in the broadest sense. It stands for values that last longer than considerations of short-term revenue. By involving ourselves with challenging definitions of art, we are acknowledging that, as an investment organization, we cannot operate in a cultural vacuum.



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