The siblings of Mantua at Drottningholms slottsteater

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A timeless tale of good and evil, of alienation and identity and of norms and passion. An avant-garde music drama that ties past and present. The perfomance premiered at Drottningholmsteatern’s world-unique 18th century stage 8 of September 2018, with music that fuses the very old and the very new. Old music in an old theatre in a totally new way. Salomone Rossi was an Italian composer, born in Mantua in 1570. His sister Europa was one of the world’s first professional female singers. The two siblings lived in the Jewish ghetto and worked at the royal court where they where praised by the culture-loving Prince Gonzaga, whose favours opened doors to the city. Rossi was allowed to roam outside the ghetto without the mandatory Jewish identifiers, and was thus spared the Mantuans’ persecution. Control, brutality and oppression were part of everyday life for Jews but also for women and dissidents. And, as in our present times, society hardened. The performance is a poetic representation in five tableaux of Salomone and Europa Rossi’s life. Singers, dancers and musicians draw us into a world that despite its temporal remoteness can still feel very close indeed. The Robert Weil Family Foundation is a proud supporter and partner of the performance.

DN 270818


Original idea and concept - Pia Forsgren and Maria Lindal
Libretto - Magnus Florin
Music - Salamone Rossi, Claudio Monteverdi, Francesca Caccini and traditional sephardic music
Newly composed music - Djuro Zivkovic 
Newly composed music, adaptation and arrangements - Andreas Edlund
Director - Pia Forsgren
Music director - Maria Lindal
Choreographer - Patrik Sörling
Stage design •-Mamma Andersson 
Costumes - Behnaz Aram
Light design - Jenny André
Wigs and make-up - Sofia Ranow


Salamone Rossi (counter tenor) - Yaniv d’Or
Europa, his sister (soprano) - Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli
Claudio Monteverdi, their friend (tenor) - Karim Sulayman
Vincenzo Gonzaga, the Duke (bass baritone) - Markus Schwartz
Francesco Gonzaga, his son (tenor) - Carl Unander-Scharin

The Drottningholm Theatre Solo Quartet
The First Secretary (soprano) - Elin Skorup
The Second Secretary (alt) - Anna Zander Sand
The Bishop (tenor) - Thomas Köll
Moses, the Rabbi (bass) - Håkan Ekenäs

Dancers - Shannon Taylor, Nassim Meki, Victor Hermundstad, Jonathan D Sikell
The Drottningholm Theatre Orchestra

Drottningholms slottsteater